Gustavo Asman

Recent work

125 Years. One Word. | Central Washington University

Gustavo Asman

Senior Vice President & Creative Director

He’s not a chess player, but the game is a fitting metaphor for Gustavo’s work. Moving different pieces and thinking through multiple strategies at the same time—that’s what he loves. At Pyramid, Gustavo oversees the design, interactive, editorial, and social media teams, driving strategic thinking and creative problem solving across the firm. With extensive expertise in advertising and creative direction, Gustavo has worked around the globe, from Argentina to New York City, Southeast Asia, and now Seattle. This international journey taught Gustavo a lot: About similarities and differences. About going to the human essence. About pausing to see things from a new perspective. Gustavo has an extensive portfolio, with clients spanning Unicef, The Ad Council, DHL, and Unilever. It’s earned him five Cannes Lions among other international awards—but he’d never tell you that himself. He simply loves collaborating on projects that move hearts and spark change. In and out of the office, Gustavo seeks to learn something new every day. He loves biking and playing basketball with his family. Gustavo received a bachelor’s degree from Cangallo Schule in Buenos Aires and graduated from the Argentine Association of Advertising Agencies.

Philosophy of work
“I don’t believe in the notion of perfection. That’s probably why I tend to be a perfectionist.”