Who is Pyramid?

We’re a team of strategists and creatives.

We bring lived and learned experience to our clients’ vision for change. We’re connectors across issues, organizations, sectors, and communities.

Whether you’re embarking on long-term strategic planning, a campaign, a new brand, or a website, we help create big picture ideas that create positive change.

Collage of two images. The first shows three Pyramid staff members having a conversation in the office over coffee. The second shows three Pyramid staff members holding signs in front of a Chief Seattle Club banner.

What We Do



Digital & Web

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Campaigns & Events

Where has the time gone?

Here's to 30 years

Thirty years ago, we founded Pyramid so we could team up with the most impassioned people working to make a more just and sustainable world. We could not have accomplished what we have over the decades without the leadership of so many in the communities in which we are lucky to work.

Our Impact

We’re honored to collaborate with people and organizations tackling the most pressing challenges facing our communities, the nation, and the planet. We take inspiration from their commitment and tenacity.

Our Commitment

We stand in solidarity with people across the globe who are demanding change. We support the Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate movements, and other efforts that fight systemic racism.

We commit to becoming an anti-racist organization. As an organization, we vow to continue looking inward and to do better ourselves—in our work, in our relationships, and in our community. Our outrage is not enough.

Six Pyramid staff members on a zoom call.
Group of 13 Pyramid staff, standing and sitting, having a variety of conversations

Meet Our People

We are community leaders, educators, writers, artists, and activists—all together, creative strategists. We’re here to help launch movements, change policy, shape world views—and build lasting change together.