A Clean Energy Future For Seattle’s Commercial Buildings

Seattle Office Of Sustainability & Environment, Natural Resource Defense Council Action Fund
Communications, Creative & Design
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A shared vision for our sustainable energy future

Buildings are the fastest growing and second-largest source of emissions in Seattle. Burning gas accounts for 72% of buildings’ emissions. While decarbonization has broad public support, 75% of Americans still have a favorable opinion of natural gas. Commercial energy codes—a highly impactful policy tool in getting fossil fuels out of buildings—are extremely technical and lack a clear, accessible narrative.

Our work centered around developing a compelling story and suite of materials that speak to how decarbonizing buildings, through strong commercial energy codes and other tools, can create a more just and liveable future for Seattle residents. We created digital strategy, messaging, and graphics for a multidisciplinary coalition of stakeholders, including climate, affordable housing, energy, and building owners and developers.