A Northwest Opportunity: Restore Salmon & Invest In Communities

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Snakeriver Heroine

Stopping salmon extinction

For more than two decades, one of the most contentious issues in the Northwest has been how to manage the four federally-owned hydropower dams on the lower Snake River and restore abundant salmon and steelhead runs that have been decimated by these dams. This issue has largely been driven by a series of court cases and unsuccessful efforts to comply with the Endangered Species Act by the federal agencies that own and operate these dams, as well as the federal government’s failure to uphold the commitments made to Northwest tribes through legally-binding treaty agreements.

A collage-style image of Native people fishing in the Snake River. Text over the image reads:
An animated gif rotates through a number of text-focused images that say 1) A COMMON MYTH:
Brown background with white text that says: We Need a Solution That: [icon of salmon] 1. Restores abundant salmon; [icon of people dancing] 2. Invests in local farming and fishing communities; [icon of lightbulb] 3. Expands affordable clean energy and transportation infrastructure; [icon of papers with text] 4. Honors the commitments made to Northwest tribes
Image of an orca jumping out of the water with text that says
Image of a Native woman in a blue shirt in front of a fence with text that says:
Close up image of hazelnuts with overlay text that reads: Did you know? Over 99% of all the hazelnuts grown in the U.S. are grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley?

Building a coalition to build support for a comprehensive solution

Driven by a new opportunity for political leadership to bring people across the region together to create a comprehensive lower Snake River dams solution, the Water Foundation engaged Pyramid to help a coalition of businesses, individuals, and organizations shape and implement a long-term, integrated campaign strategy and work plan. Pyramid is supporting as a strategic partner, facilitating coalition-wide collaboration, leading all communications efforts, building relationships, and always seeking opportunities to maximize impact.

Image shows a group of icons and a logo mark that says
Image shows a group of icons and a logo mark that says
An image of a school of salmon underwater with text below that reads:
Snakeriver Row
Quote over a background of the Snake River that reads:
Image shows two photos: one of a wind farm and one of a father and two children holding salmon that they have caught. Text reads: THANK YOU to Senators Cantwell and Murray and the Northwest delegation for securing federal funds for salmon recovery. We know what we need to do next. It's time for urgent action.
Photo of a man holding a large salmon that he has caught with text that reads: I stand with 1,000+ sportfishers. SENATOR CANTWELL: We need your leadership to stop salmon extinction.
Text reads: