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Catching up with their growth

Philanthropy Northwest, a member organization serving foundations and philanthropists across the region, is committed to improving the philanthropic sector through shared learning, networking, and action. Despite their innovative approach to philanthropy, they were butting up against a website and messaging that had become muddled, outdated, and difficult to navigate as their offerings had grown.

Building a site around community

We worked with the Philanthropy Northwest team to recenter their messaging around the north star of community. We focused on how they could serve the communities within the Northwest region, and how to build community within their membership. We kept this idea at the front of our minds as we developed the strategy, content, and design for a new website — one that prioritized clarity and user experience.

Close-up of the Philanthropy Northwest logo.
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Close-up of the Philanthropy Northwest logo.

Prioritizing the user

We took the site through two rounds of user testing to check our assumptions and ensure we were delivering a site that would not only work for Philanthropy Northwest staff, but for the members who would use it to access resources and information.

A video to unite in a socially distanced world

Following a successful website launch — and in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic — we expanded our work with Philanthropy Northwest to support them in developing a video annual report that could tell the story of their growth over the past year. Without a lot of existing assets, or the ability to film in person, we played with what we had. By constructing and deconstructing their logo to create shapes and numbers, we developed a stop-motion video that looked fresh and kept audiences engaged from beginning to end.