Teaching for Black Lives

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Supporting teachers nationwide

We’ve been working with the Zinn Education Project — which is coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, and Jesse Hagopian, who is an amazing educator in Seattle, a founder of BLM at School and editor of the book Teaching for Black Lives.

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Convening educators around the work.

Our work has been to build from the success of the book in supporting teachers’ in teaching for Black Lives, to help create a larger campaign and presence to convene educators around long-term work and commitment. We built a website that will centralize curriculum, resources, house peer-led study groups, offer history lessons for educators, and feature a podcast. We have also been partnering with Zinn Education Project and BLM at School to support their Days of Action around Pledge to Teach the Truth — where educators lead rally at historic sites they would NOT be allowed to teach about, should legislation pass preventing educators from teaching truth. In addition to leading rallies educators sign on to the Pledge to Teach Truth.

Part of what was really fun about that work was leading a media training for educators, to help them prepare to engage the media where they live and work, and where they rally, to increase awareness and exposure of this issue.

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