Your News Lives Here: Building Awareness for Crosscut

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Crosscut billboard in Seattle that says

‘Your news lives here.’

The upstart and independent newsite Crosscut needed its brand to stand apart in a competitive news market. In hometown focus groups, our team learned that many locals consumed area news selectively, only as it suited their interests, or came to them through friends.

We set about a marketing strategy to unite seemingly disconnected news topics, such as the environment and art, under one strong, simple concept: Your news lives here. By positioning Crosscut as the place to go to for local news relevant to specific interests, we reflected the variety and uniqueness of Crosscut’s news offerings, personalized it for audiences, and set it apart from competitors.

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10 million impressions; 1 trusted news site

We created a series of issue pairings—such as politics and transportation—that highlighted the topics and ideas Crosscut covers, connecting them with stunning visuals. The message was clear: whatever you have in mind as “the news for you,” that news lives at Crosscut. Over three months, the campaign—using outdoor, social, and TV placements—resulted in 10 million impressions.