Arts & Culture

We believe in the power of the arts.

Arts and culture are not a bonus—they’re essential elements of thriving, successful, and welcoming communities. Arts are how we interpret the world around us—present, past, and future—and provide invaluable tools to heal, connect with one another, and build empathy and understanding among people of different backgrounds

A collage of two images. The first shows one black woman wearing a JazzEd t-shirt and one white woman in a black shit sing into microphones. The photo has a blue overlay. The second photo shows one side of the Museum of Pop Culture and an upwards view of the Space Needle.

A sample of our work

We’re proud  to work with:

  • Arts Corps
  • Beyond the Frame – To Be Native
  • Burke Museum
  • Cascade Public Media
  • DoubleXposure
  • Friends of Waterfront Seattle
  • KEXP
  • Museum of Popular Culture (MoPOP, formerly EMP Museum)

  • OL Reign
  • Path with Art
  • Pearl Jam’s Home Shows Initiative
  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Seattle Chamber Music Society
  • Seattle JazzED
  • Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture
  • Seattle Theatre Group

Connect with Us

Interested in hearing more about our arts and culture work? Contact Chris Nelson.